Who can play

Is Puyallup Vikings Lacrosse Club  (PVLC) affiliated with the Puyallup School District?

  • No. Although the PVLC uses Puyallup School District facilities for games and practices, PVLC is not affiliated with the Puyallup School District.

Who can play for Puyallup Vikings Lacrosse Club?

  • Players must live in the Puyallup High School catchment area or have a waiver to attend a school in the Puyallup High School catchment. Players in 3rd through 8th grade from adjoining areas who do not have a team may be considered as well. 



How do I register my athlete?

  • Registration is online at www.vikingslacrosse.org under the “register now” tab. All players in grades 3rd through 12th must be current members of US Lacrosse (valid through dates of registered program). 

When is the last day to register for Spring 2020?

  • Registration closes Dec 31st. 


How much does it cost

How much does it cost to register to play?

  • Grades K-2 offers an intro to lacrosse skills-based program. These kiddos come out one day a week and learn basic lacrosse skills. Cost is $50 and includes a shirt and stick. 

  • Grades 3-4: $200

  • Grade 5-8: $300

  • High School: $450


Are any additional fees required besides the registration fee?

  • Uniforms -  You can expect uniform fees to be approximately $90-125 for the youth uniforms. You can expect uniform fees to be approximately $155-185 for High School players. Ideally your player should be able to use their uniform for two seasons. 

  • US Lacrosse membership required - $35 registration is required for all PVLC players. Our registration system will direct you to US Lacrosse during the registration process. (See below for more information about US Lacrosse membership benefits.)

  • Equipment - Players must provide their own equipment (see below).

  • Fundraising- We do have various fundraisers we ask everyone to participate in throughout the season. The money raised goes toward general club expenses. 

  • Optional tournaments- To be determined by the team and coach throughout the season. Any registration fees will be additional. 


If we can’t afford the registration fee, what are our options?

  • If registration and equipment costs are preventing your child from joining the Club, we offer a payment plan for the registration fee between October and February, with payment in full by the first game. Under some circumstances, this payment plan can be extended.

  • Additionally, PVLC may also provide membership financial assistance in the form of partial or full scholarships of the registration costs for families who demonstrate financial need. Financial Aid Applications are available. Please email for any aid assistance or questions. 


What is your refund policy?

  • Prior to the first practice, fees are refunded less a 15% administration fee. 

  • After practice begins but prior to the first game, a 50% refund will be issued. 

  • After the first game, no fees will be refunded.

  • For discontinued play due to a season-ending injury, refunds will be pro-rated based on the remaining games in the season, less the 15% administrative fee.

  • US Lacrosse membership and uniform fees will not be refunded.


What do I need to buy?

How much does the equipment cost and what is required?

  • All players (3rd-12th grade) will need to obtain equipment as required by the league.

    • Lacrosse helmet

    • Lacrosse stick

    • Gloves, shoulder pads, arm pads

    • Colored mouth guard

    • Athletic cup

    • Cleats

Entry-level boy's equipment costs typically range from $150 to $200.


Can I rent equipment instead?

  • No, we do not have gear available for rental purposes. First-time players have the option to borrow club owned gear for the first season of play. There will be a fitting date that players will attend to check out gear. This requires a fully refundable $100 deposit. 


Season/Game info

When does the Lacrosse Season start?

  • The Lacrosse season runs from February to the beginning of June.  The youth start practice in early February and High School teams begin official practice the first day of HS spring sports in early March. 

  • Youth games begin Feb 29th in 2020. 

  • HS games will begin approximately March 16th in 2020. 


Where do they practice and play their games?

  • Youth practice at Fruitland Elementary, tentatively M, W, Th. Times will start earlier and get pushed back with daylight savings. 

  • High School will practice at Karshner, Fruitland, and occasionally on any turf field in the district that we can secure. 

  • Practices for youth teams occur three days per week, 2 hours per session. High School teams practice for two hours, five days a week.

  • Home games will be in the Puyallup School District. In the past, we have used Sparks and Ram field primarily. 

  • Away games are TBD.

  • Games are primarily on Saturdays for youth. High School teams play any day of the week. 

Where can I find my game schedule?


Is transportation provided to away games?

  • Parents provide transportation to away games.


Other Questions

Where can I learn about the game of lacrosse and it’s rules?

  • The league offers a scorekeeping clinic for parents of players in grades 3-12. 

  • In addition, there is plenty of information available online. A good place to start is the US Lacrosse website, www.uslacrosse.org

What are the ways to volunteer?

  • The PVLC is run by volunteers who work hard to extend players the opportunity to enjoy the game of lacrosse.  Every parent volunteer is needed and everyone is expected to help in some way. There are always plenty of requests and opportunities for volunteer assistance. 


What teams do PVLC compete against?

  • Leagues:

BOYS YOUTH: www.ssyl.com


  • PVLC competes against teams in the south sound area, from Kitsap to Olympia. 


Why am I required to become a member of US Lacrosse?

  • Insurance coverage is the main reason for this requirement. This policy protects the individual member if he is injured during a covered lacrosse activity, and cover most of the out-of-pocket medical, dental and hospital expenses resulting from that injury. See below for additional added benefits that come with your required membership.

    • Subscription to Lacrosse Magazine

    • How-to videos, articles, clinics and more for players, coaches and officials

    • Access to first-class playing opportunities

    • Special member pricing for our annual convention

    • Discounts on tickets to college and pro games

    • Eligibility for grants and free resources to help you grow the game locally

    • Members-only emails with special offers on gear, apparel and more


What are the registration fees used to pay for?

  • Registration fees cover the operational expenses of the Puyallup Vikings Lacrosse Club including league dues, field rental expenses, referee fees, pre-season and mid-season jamborees, game equipment (not player equipment), and more.


The website has a section that asks for donations. I already paid my registration fee why should I donate additional money?

  • Lacrosse is the fastest-growing sport in the State of Washington and across the entire country. As our club grows, the cost of fielding teams increases every year. League fees, field rental, referee fees, equipment, and insurance continue to rise. Your donation will go far towards helping to keep the costs down for our kids, ensure more participation by those that otherwise could not afford it, and ensuring that lacrosse, the “Fastest Game on Two Feet,” continues to thrive in our area.

  • Please email our club at treasurer@vikingslacrosse.org if you are interested in making a donation.


If I donate money to the lacrosse club, is my donation tax-deductible?

  • Yes. The Puyallup Vikings Lacrosse Club is registered with the Washington State Secretary of State's office as a Nonprofit Charitable organization and is registered with the United States Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.


Division of teams and selection of coaches

  • The PVLC strives for the best experience for all players in the program. In doing so, we look for coaches and assistants that will provide a safe and fun learning experience that will leave the players looking forward to next season. For a variety of reasons, the PVLC cannot guarantee a player will be on a team with a specific coach. Our club continues to grow and we have multiple teams within several age groups. Team divisions are completed within the requirements of the governing lacrosse association, but these divisions inherently create challenges within our own club. The PVLC works with coaches to divide teams that result in the best interest of our Mission Statement to grow the sport in a positive manner.